Ethically sourced, handpicked at the ideal stage of ripeness

Especially #HanpickedForYou

Remember the times when your mum would walk you to the local farmer’s market filled with delicious smelling fruits, veggies and food. She would personally get down to choosing what goes in that big bag of hers.
Well, Food Flower Cart takes you back to that era, where every single item that goes in your bag, is carefully chosen by all of us at FFC.
Food Flower Cart has premium quality exotic fruits, warm bakes and refreshing beverages that have been ethically sourced to make our mums proud.
Go ahead, choose something from our cart. We assure you, it’ll be #handpickedforyou.

What they’re saying

I have been reading quite a lot about adulteration and artificial ways of ripening vegetables and fruits and have been pretty skeptical about what goes in every time I cook or go vegetable shopping. I discovered Food Flower Cart on Instagram and decided to give it a try, and might I say it was totally worth it! It’s become my go-to place for Fruit & Veg delivery.

My husband had surprised me with one of Food Flower Cart’s Bakery Boxes and since then it’s become our weekend ritual to treat ourselves to a yummy box full of bakery goodies. We love how fresh and delicious it was.

I had never heard of Mangosteens before I saw it on Food Flower Cart. I went ahead and decided to give it a try and to my surprise it was everything I had imagined it to be. The delivery was prompt and the Mangosteens were super fresh and juicy. It’s truly an exotic treat! 

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